Donald List Completions

NameHometownFirst DonaldDateLast Donald↑ Completion Date
Percy Donald (died 9/38)DumbartonRhinns of KellsApr-22Blackcraig Hill1933-05-23
Ken Andrew (died 7/01)PrestwickMerrick20/03/1955White Shank1969-11-01
Darrell FarrantEdinburghDrumelzier Law02/01/1974Hunt Law1978-01-04
David Clark (deceased)CumnockJan-76Auchope Cairn1978-10-15
Phil CooperLancasterBloodybush Edge22/03/1975The Scrape1979-01-06
Matthew Moulton (died 23/5/91)Edinburgh(White Coomb)07/12/1968Meikle Millyea1979-06-24
Herbert Proctor (died 31/3/99)SheffieldWindlestraw LawMay-48Cardon Hill1980-04-15
Colin Donnelly*DinorwigTinto1969Windy Gyle1981-08-31
Alastair BairdEdinburgh1982-05-15
Hamish BrownBurntislandc 1943Cushat Law1982-11-04

Donald Completion Notes

* Completion date - Month end shown as exact date unknown (only month of finishing provided).
** Completion date - Year end shown as exact date unknown (only year of finishing provided).

Listing those who have completed the Donalds requires some explanation. One definition of a Donaldist is someone who has completed the Scottish Mountaineering Club listing of the time, ie has visited all points detailed in Donald’s Tables as published by the SMC (initially in their 1935 Journal, subsequently as ‘lesser heights’ in Munro’s Tables). Percy Donald’s original criteria defined ‘Hills’ and ‘Tops’ and produced an initial split of 86 Hills, 133 Tops (now 89/140).

The modern layout of the SMC list, with subsidiary Tops indented, lends itself to walkers completing only the Hills (mimicking the Munroist listing, where only 11% have climbed all the Tops). Donalds seem more of an entity – almost everyone listed here has climbed everything – but the Munro precedent allows a walker to be regarded as a Donaldist on completion of just the Hills. Three people are known to have done this. Their final summits are listed in parentheses.

A first Donald in parentheses indicates that this was the person’s first known Donald, but that there could have been prior ascents. Hence Matthew Moulton’s visit to White Coomb on 7/12/68 was almost certainly not his first ascent of any hill in this category (he was aged 57 at the time), merely the first such day noted in his annotated copies of Munro’s Tables.

A further definition involves New Donalds, first listed in the 1995 edition of The Grahams and the New Donalds (TACit Press; 2nd edition 1999). Anyone who has climbed all current SMC Donalds will have climbed all New Donalds too. Until 1997, the SMC Donalds excluded the Artney group; hence, before 1997, a Donaldist only qualified as a New Donaldist with the SMC Tops plus the Artney group.

The 211 known Donald completions have been spread over at least 78 summits, not all of them current Donalds. The usual trend of awkward outliers being left until last (see Ben More on Mull for Munros, Beinn an Oir and Clisham for Corbetts) is once again evident.

15 Cauldcleuch Head
9 Innerdownie, Millfore
6 Tinto, Windy Gyle
5 Bodesbeck Law, Meikle Millyea, Whitehope Law, Cairnsmore of Fleet
4 Blackcraig Hill, Curleywee, King’s Seat Hill, Talla Cleuch Head, Uamh Bheag
3 Beinn nan Eun, Carrifran Gans, Clockmore, Corran of Portmark, Ettrick Pen, Hudderstone, Larg Hill, Meall Clachach, Meikle Mulltaggart, Queensberry, Tarfessock South Top
2 Auchope Cairn, Ben Ever, Beninner, Blackhope Scar, Blairdenon Hill, Caerloch Dhu, Cairn Hill West Top, Cairnsgarroch, Cape Law, Cardon Hill, Comb Law, Coomb Hill, Dollar Law, Drumelzier Law, Lousie Wood Law, Merrick, Moorbrock Hill, Nickies Knowe, Whitehope Heights
1 Andrewhinney Hill, Beinn Odhar, Bell Craig, Ben Cleuch, Broad Law, Cairnsmore of Carsphairn, Chapelgill Hill, Craignaw, Croft Head, Cushat Law, Dungeon Hill, Gana Hill, Garelet Dod, Garelet Hill, Hart Fell, Hunt Law, Lamachan Hill, Lochcraig Head, Loch Fell, Meikledodd Hill, Mid Rig, Millfire, Notman Law, Saddle Yoke, Scaw’d Law, Shalloch on Minnoch, Stob Law, Swatte Fell, The Scrape, White Coomb, White Shank, Whitewisp Hill, Windlestraw Law

The list details final Donalds for first rounds only. Three hillgoers have completed three rounds: Colin Crawford (Beninner, 5/8/06, and Millfore, 27/3/11), Hazel Strachan (Tinto, 22/1/12, and East Mount Lowther, 30/6/12) and someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Eight others of those named have completed second rounds: the late Ken Andrew (Blairdenon Hill, 26/4/92), Colin Donnelly (Queensberry, date unknown), John Mackay (Millfore, 27/3/11), Frank Baillie (Windy Gyle, 1/5/11), Ken Whyte (Whitehope Law, 29/6/12), John Steel (Cairnsmore of Fleet, 13/10/12), Bert Barnett (King’s Seat Hill, 29/6/13) and Ken Stewart (Windlestraw Law, 8/4/15).

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